On TESDA Training: The Sequence of Fine Dining (A la Carte)

Theories about Fining Dining Service may have been too bloody to learn for the first timer like me. But these adversities may be surpassed one learn the actual demo. But it’s good to know that we only have to present Table Service (A La Carte) during the assessment time. With just a little time left for me to actually learn the basics, good thing that our mentor is patiently teaching us.

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So here is the Sequence of Fine Dining Service with Wine (A la Carte) as follows:

  1. Welcoming/Greeting the Guest
  2. Offering before Dinner Drinks
  3. Serving Bread and Butter
  4. Serving before Dinner Drinks
  5. Taking Food Orders
  6. Placing Orders to the Kitchen
  7. Taking Wine Order
  8. Completing Table Setup
  9. Presenting and Serving White Wine
  10. Cleaning of Appertit Glass
  11. Serving Appetizers
  12. Soup
  13. Clearing Soiled Dishes
  14. Presenting/Serving of Red Wine Glass
  15. Serving the Main Course and Side Salad
  16. Refilling Red Wine Glass
  17. Clearing Red Wine Glass
  18. Clearing Soiled Dishes, crumbling down of Table
  19. Offering and Serving Dessert
  20. Offering/Serving Coffee or Liqueurs
  21.  Presenting and Settling the Bill
  22. Bidding Goodbye to the Guest

What do you think? Well, I think this is really bloody!

I just hope that from this, you will learn to appreciate how bloody the work of a Waiter and Waitress when it comes to fine dining. This sure needs a lot of patience and hard work for you to be able to exceed the guest expectation when it comes to customer service satisfaction.


  1. Ivy
    Twitter: Itsmeeivyyy

    Hi maam! :) Can I just ask how much did you pay for the training? and for how long is the training? thank you.


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