On TESDA Training: Bread and Pastry Production NCII (Introduction and Custard Cake Making)

When I was informed that there are available scholarships grants for Bread and Pastry Production (BPP) NCII. I did not hesitate even for a moment and grab the opportunity of learning new skills and apply it later because I am not good at cooking and baking either. Hence, I needed this training. As for the schedule of this training we were advised that it is only for 15 days but as we go along, we were told that our training was extended for another 15 days, so a total of 30 days. We started last July 8, 2013 and hopefully we end up to August 16, 2013. The schedule time is from Monday to Friday at 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Since I am far away from TESDA KorPhil, I have to ride the bus everyday but I am not complaining it is the fastest way to get there and the bus fare differs from Bus Company. I wonder why that is. Anyway, during the classroom activity we tackled about Bread and Pastry Production, about the kinds of tools and materials we are going to use, the ingredients, safety procedures and the like.

What I was excited about was the first time I bake and made a custard cake. For a person with no experience at all and made one is a very good and lasting experience. Though, we were form into a group of five people. I was the one reading and explaining to my group mates on how and what we are going to do but I am not an expert to this so from time to time I asked our trainer if what we did was correct.

And this is our first ever CUSTARD CAKE. I am very happy with the result.

 photo 2013-07-15164256_zpscee7a7c6.jpg

Custard Cake fresh from the oven

 photo 2013-07-15165007_zps51c2a9b1.jpg

with my group mates before the cake presentation

 photo 2013-07-15164943_zps09f9f2b0.jpg

According to our┬áTrainer, the caramelized sugar was a bit lacking but the over taste and texture was good! and we are happy with that. By these time, I know now how to make this custard cake yummier…. :) There’s always room for improvement and remember this was our first time to bake. Lol!


  1. Paolo Barrameda says:

    Hi! I would like to know how was your BPP NC II certification? I’m a bit scared to take the test because I might fail since I only learned how to make breads and pastries through my mom’s friend. Is there a written and oral test? And… the things that they would give/task you are different from the others or is it just the same? And, they would provide the recipe or do it from your own recipe? And they won’t provide the ingredients right? Sorry if I’m asking a lot. I’m just really really scared. Thanks in advance! More power. :)

    • The Author
      Twitter: clairerafols

      Hi Paolo,

      My BPP Assessment went out well. You will need to bake four recipe’s like sweet dough pie, cinnamon roll, mini layer Choco cake and mocha roll which I have posted here in my blog for your reference. Only oral test will be taken after you have presented your output. Do not be scared. Just relax and you will pass the assessment for sure.

    • jf carlos says:

      Bro hows your exam so far? I’m in the same page as yours and im having a hard time searching on ideas regarding this assessment and glad to found this. Hope for your response bro

  2. hi! thank you for your post. i want to ask if the 4 recipes vary for each assessment center? because my teacher told me we’ll be required to make pandesal, dinner roll, swiss roll and cream puff. may I ask if it’s allowed to look at the copy of the recipe or do we have to memorize it? also what kinds of questions do they ask in the oral exam? i’m really nervous. thanks a lot!!!

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