On TESDA Training: Bread and Pastry Production NCII (Chocolate Marble Cake Making)

This is the third time our group made pastry products and now we were tasked to make Chocolate Marble Cake. Since we already did the Devil’s Food Cake we are now experienced in making chocolate cake but there were instances that certain procedure differs from the one we made before so we asked the assistance of our trainer again.

We were told that in making the chocolate marble cake we have to put it in a cupcake pan instead of the cake pan we use. The rationale behind this is to make it in numerous pieces so that we could be able to bring home for our share and 50% was presented to the trainer.

We still encountered problems but then it was addressed instantly so the cake we made was good and here it is.

 photo 2013-07-22151551_zps41de040e.jpg

Fresh baked from the oven

 photo 2013-07-22152911_zpsb12b0c2b.jpg

Time for the presentation and plating

 photo 2013-07-22152152_zps210cbd30.jpg

Simple presentation of our Chocolate Marble Cake


  1. Now that I have resigned from the corporate world I am really considering of enrolling in TESDA Commercial Cookign since I really have the intention to have a small resto…I am glad I was able to bump into your blog since it gives me more inspiration to enroll the more.
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