How to Create a Simple Website Badge

I wanted to have a website badge for a very long time. While,  browsing the my Facebook page. I ended up using Piclyf for my badge, so I started from scratch and made this  simple badge.

But it doesn’t looked like a badge, it turned out to be an abstract of lines. I wasn’t able to do it on Photoshop because I still don’t know how to do it there, however, I am optimistic to learn about the basics because that is more important.

Next, I use Picnik to edit my picture and wrote some text so that it will become more appealing to the eyes. Hence, I explored the various customized features of Picnik and then the badge turned out like this.

Then I resized the image and uploaded it to Photobucket because it’s more convenient to use and the image code will be generated immediately. Often times, the  size of the badge is 120 x 120 to fit it into your sidebar, others used 150×150 because they have a larger area for the sidebar. But in my case, I used 120×120. After the image has been uploaded into your Photobucket account, you will be able to see the image code provided.

Finally, this is now my personalized website badge and I hope that you learn something from me. Don’t forget to click the code below.

Click the code here.