The Travels Made By My Sister In Europe

I remember when my sister first came to London to look for greener pastures for the family. We were very optimistic about the outcome of her employment there. During that time, London was very open and was employing a lot of Filipinos; the requirements were not as strict as of recent times.

When she had time, she often called and talked about the places she went to and the experiences she had. According to her, a London taxi ride booked through was the most appropriate means of transportation when touring Greater London.

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You only needed to book cabs online through and it was done. All she needed to do was give Any Cabs the full details of her trip.

The hospital she worked for was not that far from where she lived;however, she had to ride a cab to work because it got very cold and she couldn’t bear it. The freezing temperature often made her ill. Sometimes, she would complain about having mouth sores and a runny nose.

She once told me that London was a huge place and that their culture really fascinated a lot of people. The Queen, Princes and Princesses were well-loved, not only in their own country but around the world. When Princess Diana died, the world mourned with them.

Actually, many wanted to come to London for the prestige and the many benefits that await them. Fortunately, my sister was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to settle down there. It was too cool: she now lives in a country where there is a queen! It would have been awesome to stay for a week there, and my sister actually got to live there!

Not long ago, she went to Italy. She said the place was very beautiful. The people were very inviting and very pleasant. Being able to step foot in Italy is had a big impact on her Christianity. When she visited the Vatican and heard mass there, she felt enlightened.

She also went to Scotland,which was not too far from London, together with some friends. They toured Scotland and went hiking in the mountains as well. Scotland was also famous for its rich culture; after all, it was where Joan of Arc lived. If you are a movie buff, you would know of the many movies that made Scotland famous, most of which were based on olden times.

As of now, my sister has been in London for almost ten years. She embraced, enjoyed, and loved their culture and ultimately became a naturalized citizen of London. It has truly made her journey meaningful.

Her stay there has helped our family as well. It is common knowledge that working aboard while living alone, especially when your family is far away, is not at all easy.

Recently, my sister has invited our mom to come visit her. Hopefully, she could tour with her around the City of London and appreciate the beautiful city.