Sea World Oasis Resort @Lower Lahi, Magnaga Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province

Hubby and I went around to see some beautiful beach resorts around Pantukan, Comval Province and we tried our luck if we can get a glimpse of this beach resort and luckily we did. We asked the guard if we could just see around because we were tasked to look for beach which caters big functions for any kind of people who worked in the banana plantation and seldom experienced beach waters for leisure and so the guard allowed us to take some photos of the resort and we are very thankful to him.

 photo 2013-06-11003614_zps610c2c47.jpg

The Resort Entrance Gate

 photo 2013-06-11004023_zps3829ae3c.jpg

The Chalet Cottage is good for 2 people and is priced at P 2,000.00

 photo 2013-06-11004142_zps52659554.jpg

The Kiddie Pool 

 photo 2013-06-11004153_zps4f8f6449.jpg

The Adult Pool

 photo 2013-06-11004253_zpsb962d118.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11004324_zps77730a28.jpg

The Play Area wherein everyone can enjoy billiards and other games for kids

 photo 2013-06-11004357_zps028a13bd.jpg

There are different kinds of cottages available in the resort whether you’re in a big group or simply with the family you can get for just a short stay or perhaps an overnight stay and here are the cottages available:

 photo 2013-06-11004419_zps51d56342.jpg

 The Long Cottage is priced at P1,000.00

 photo 2013-06-11004439_zps5ca9c8bf.jpg

The Duplex Cottage is priced at P700.00

 photo 2013-06-11004500_zpsdd23ecbc.jpg

 The Umbrella Cottage is priced at P 500.00

 photo 2013-06-11004543_zpsf439d1d9.jpg

 The Gazebo Cottage is priced at P 600.00

 photo 2013-06-11004758_zpsf4624847.jpg

This is where the fun begins if you want to dive in the beach water then you can do so but when went there it was low tide and all you can see was the sand and the slide but when high tide comes you’ll definitely love the splash.

 photo 2013-06-11005026_zps5bcc7676.jpg

 This is the comfort room 

 photo 2013-06-11005147_zps9e68942d.jpg

 This is the events area wherein you can have meetings and other events going.

 photo 2013-06-11005230_zps1726f58a.jpg

 The Big Function Room

 photo 2013-06-11005256_zps8037b704.jpg

 An overview of the pool and the chalet cottage

 photo 2013-06-11005531_zps96a989fd.jpg

 The Play Area for the Kids

 photo 2013-06-11005607_zps97c97fc9.jpg

 The Dorm Type Rooms good for 10-14 persons and is priced at P2,500.00-P3,000.00 respectively

 photo 2013-06-11005635_zps7336bbeb.jpg

The wide parking area upon the entrance of the gate.

Anyway, if you want to visit their place they have a Facebook page wherein you can contact them.

How to get there:

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  1. Gil Camporazo
    Twitter: gilvibrations

    This is very spacious, very ideal for a big conferences or educative and business gathering. It looks so elegant. It is well-maintained.

  2. traveling morion
    Twitter: travelingmorion

    Lapit ko lang dito but never got the chance to explore any part of the province. twice na ako dumaan dito going to davao from agusan. will bookmark this post- hopefully next month maka side trip ako dito kahit half day lang :)
    traveling morion recently posted..PostCard Series| Twilight in Odiongan WharfMy Profile

  3. Wow the place is huge and the facilities are really nice. The place also looks really clean.
    Franc Ramon recently posted..Incoming: Sofitel-Runrio Battle of the Sexes IIMy Profile

  4. Are the slides only for kids or also for adults? This place can be a stress reliever for those bad days. Hayy I miss having vacations! :((

    • The Author
      Twitter: clairerafols

      Both adults and kids meron slides sa pool. Yong sa beach naman pwede cguro ang kids basta meron kasama adult pa rin para safe. :)

  5. Oops correction! Haha:

    “I HAVE never been to Compostela Valley, but I do dream of traveling to the place one day. =)”
    KIM NIEVES ( recently posted..Sunburns, Tan Lines and My Love for the BeachMy Profile

  6. Any contact no.

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