Travel Essentials for your Chinese New Year Getaway

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Traveling is very fun together with the family most especially when it is done with occasion like the Chinese New Year and other important events. Visiting beautiful places and eating delicious and sumptuous local delicacies is always good to remember.

A good way to document it is by using a good camera. I found this Nikon D5200 24.1MP DSLR w/ 18-105mm VR Lens (Black) available at LAZADA. It has a 24.1 MP lens with high-quality full HD features. Right now, it costs about 41,990 pesos instead of 51,990 pesos. I am really sure that great memories will be stored and captured perfectly using this DLSR Camera.

 photo camera_zps73c376e5.jpg

Another thing to have is a good communication tool. You cannot leave without any cell phone in your hand and I suggest an Apple iPhone 5S 16GB(Silver) with a Multi-touch LED backlit IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen and cost around 34,339.00 pesos instead of 38,413.00 pesos.

I think these are just a few, but ultimately it will bring the best out of your trip anywhere and everywhere. Hopefully, your Chinese New Year getaway will bring good luck, harmony and strong family ties.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Halloween Celebration: Remembering the Departed Loved Ones on this Special Day

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Every November 1st and 2nd of the year, Pinoy’s don’t miss a thing celebrating and remembering their beloved departed ones in the cemetery. It is the time of the year, where everyone is busy looking after the graves and some has made this occasion a time to have their family reunions too.

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For this year’s celebration, I noticed that fewer people were coming in the cemetery. For reasons I don’t know. The population of the place is not that big. However, the road going to the main entrance was the only crowded area in the vicinity. There are also local government unit and a national government unit like the Philippine National Police, who looked up and maintained the peace and order of the place.

 photo PhotoGrid_1384058232265_zpsd0e5ad86.jpg

Overall, the celebration year after year differs than it used to be. Somehow, I really missed the old ways of this tradition. Hopefully, everyone will still continue to follow what the elders used to do.

What Are The Things You Need To Consider Before Booking A Concert Ticket Online?

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Convenience is one of the top reasons why we buy tickets online. We don’t need to wait for long just to get tickets, right? There’s always been self-satisfaction if we have confirmed and received what we purchase. But before doing anything here are some of the things you need to consider before booking a concert ticket online.

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Site’s Legitimacy

Word of mouth a very powerful tool to know if the site you are looking for is true. Perhaps, a friend’s advice matter at this time. It would be nice to ask suggestions where and what particular sites they bought tickets when they wanted to see concerts or any other fantastic events.

Adhere to Consumer Rights

Since you are the consumer, the seller must adhere to your rights. Meaning, when purchasing online the consumer has the right to cancel the order without leaving any reason and if the consumer decides to continue the purchase, a confirmation email or any letter should be given by the seller.

No Hidden Fees and Charges

It is very important to know the total fees and if there are charges the consumer has to pay because hidden fees are not acceptable and it will become a simple way of deception. Hence, the seller should state the incurring fees and give consumer discounts if they booked earlier that would be a nice method of generating sales on the part of the seller. Credit card privacy should be strictly implemented to protect the consumer financial identity.

Event Cancellation

Where to go if the event was cancelled? The seller must inform their entire consumer if the event was cancelled or rescheduled for the following reasons and if that happens what are the things the consumer need if they choose to return the ticket? Ticket refunds should be in the terms and conditions on the seller’s side and it would be unfair if they will not refund the ticket so be mindful with that.

I have stated quiet a lot but be sure to consider all these things before booking tickets online. Hope you enjoy the show and have a wonderful experience with buying tickets online.