Sunday Mass at Sta. Ana Shrine Parish

Sunday is a Family Day and God’s day, my husband and I went to Sta. Ana Church to hear the mass, a lot of people where there already so we have no choice but to stay at the back. It was 6pm when the mass started. I could hear the children’s loud cry and it causes a bit of disturbances of its solemnity.

When I look at the ceiling, I was fascinated by the design that was hung together with the chandelier. I thought maybe it was part of the wedding decoration and they left it out until Sunday. I could not ask anyone so it only remains in my thoughts.

When the mass ended, I could not help myself not to take some pictures.

A Glimpse of the Past: College Friends

We were friends since college and I am happy to be with them once again. We hadn’t seen each other personally for some time now and we were reminiscing the past, what we looked like then and until now and we were laughing.

We gathered for the house blessing of our dear friend Decee Ray who’s been working in Korea for 6 years or more.  Though we chatted through Facebook, but the feeling is not the same when we have each other’s company. You know what I mean.

I am glad that the fruits of labor of our dear friend have been realized. His Home Sweet Home! Though there are still things to do but at least the house is ready for us. Lol. :)

A Glimpse of the Past: High School Friends Reunited

Fifteen years ago before we meet again. Looking back during in the past, when I was in my fourth year in high school and met this group of wonderful people and eventually become my friends for life. A simple get together were planned ahead and somehow a series of met ups were taken but some of it weren’t realized, thanks to a social networking sites which become our main source of communication.

The day came finally and it was scheduled on a Saturday afternoon in a private inland resort in Davao City. The place is somewhat far from where my house is and I was ultimately force to travel together with a friend in high school. After I gathered the thing to bring in, I was tasked to bring rice. When my friend came, she hired a taxi to fetch us to the resort.  Suddenly I felt dizzy, good thing I brought my white flower balm a long to calm my senses. I felt relieve after I inhaled the cooling scent. I remember my mother bought this at

At the resort, we waited for a while for the rest of the gang to come. Meanwhile, my friend’s son suddenly swam unto the pool to his excitement.  When all my classmates in high school came, we talked about the things we did during our time in high school. What we went through, some questions where still unanswerable but still happy to see everyone.

There are those who promised to come but haven’t showed up due to some more important thing to do. But we understand them as long as we are all happy and excited to see those who came. We stayed at the resort until the guard called our attention. They said its closing time and what we did was to look for other venue to continue with our chit-chat.

We found a small bar which cater small number of people and wants to drinks and dine. A lot of young people were there, some were dressed like they were in a party but on the other hand, and we dressed inappropriately for that matter. As you all know, we went to the resort.

I have to end it right here, wait for the continuation. I have more things yet to be told.