A Night with Friends at the Outback Grill in Davao City

It was a well celebrated night together with my friends Elvin and April. We’ve been away from each other a few months back and now we are back again, chatting and talking our hearts out.  Anyway, I told both of them that I was going to Davao and we should meet because April went home after several months of working in Amsterdam and Elvin passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers. What a celebration, right?

 photo IMG_20140523_191339_zps11911b42.jpg

Anyway, to make the story short, since we are looking for a place to dine and chat. Elvin suggested this place the Outback Grill and since I really wanted to go there so here’s what we ordered during our stay there.

 photo IMG_20140523_182308_zps1a65db0c.jpg

Chicken Barbeque Php 99.00

 photo IMG_20140523_182314_zps272da03b.jpg

Grilled Pork Belly Php 99.00

and for our dessert:

 photo IMG_20140523_184605_zps64ff98d5.jpg

Banana Split

Though we didn’t have much to eat, but honestly speaking, we were so full because of the unlimited rice and the free soup. But when you see their Menu, wow, they have many foods to offer and not to mention their humongous burger. You should try it and enjoy the scenery and the cozy ambiance.

Every Friday and Saturday, they entertained their customer by an explicitly awesome Fire Dance which we captured during our dinner there. Please watch and check it out here.

Hope you enjoy. Come and Visit Davao City for your everyday pleasure!!!!

The Beauty of the Sleeping Giant

Last weekend, We went to Mati City, Davao Oriental for a very important tasked given by my boss. I really wanted to have this picture taken over the years and now it is realized. I was captivated by its true beauty.

The Sleeping Giant!

Due to my eagerness, I urged my husband to get a very nice picture. Apparently, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the picture taken. Nonetheless, his effort was there and that is much appreciated!

Me at the Side

My husband also could not resist its true beauty, that is why, he also had his own photo taken during our trip. I was asking him to pose a bit and of course he poses like he’s in this teenage years. Alas! that was great. It truly fascinates me.

Overall, our trip was a success because we accomplished everything.

Bigby’s Grilled Burger with French Fries on the side

When me and my friends went to Abreeza Ayala Mall we were looking for a place to eat, though some had their lunch and we ought to have a snack at least. We passed by at Bigby’s and we agreed to stay there and placed our orders because I already ate my lunch so I chose to have their Grilled Burger with French Fries.

Grilled Burger with French Fries

Apparently, I was caught and shocked by the size of the grilled burger it was huge. I guess I had a full meal for the second time around, ha ha! Just imagine how hard it is to consume all. My friends also had their share of frustrations and we have no other recourse but to bring it home. We all laughed very hard because of that experienced.