My 30th Kadayawan sa Davao Festival Experience

The 30th Kadayawan sa Davao Festival was a great success. This is based on my personal experiences. Though, this is not the first time that I participated and enjoyed the said event rather a way of exploring the beauty and bounty of Mother Natures abundance in terms of harvest and this is our way of giving back to her. We all have to Celebrate!. Fortunately, most of the events were held in San Pedro square where my office is located.

Here is the Official Schedule of Events:

 photo kadayawan_zpsrvalim9s.jpg

Photo Credit: City Government of Davao

Unfortunately, I was not able to witness the opening ceremony of the Kadayawan Festival because it rained so hard that night just missed out and went home running. ha ha ha! (Basang-basa sa ulan ang peg!). To my dismay, the program continue and I was not there. So, Sad! But, I was able to witness the Kadayawan Street Party together with my office mate Chila. We had a blast! Just look at our photos. Lol!

 photo PhotoGrid_1440556110247_zps1cmxtgrg.jpg

The Culmination of the said activity was the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan and the Floral Float Parade. Before the Indak-Indak started a lot of bystanders are waiting at the San Pedro Square wherein the final showdown of the different contingent and participant will happen. As the time goes by, I saw in the area were packed with security personnel’s and of course the best thing here in Davao City! Safety is our main priority!

 photo PhotoGrid_1440556923538_zpsaorsades.jpg

Participants is on its way to San Pedro Square for the presentation and show down.

 photo PhotoGrid_1440558057325_zpsv03jz6qb.jpg

And this is for the Floral Float Parade or the Pamulak Kadayawan held last Sunday August 24, 2015.


Photo Credit: D’Boilonor Calivoso Ugay

All in All the experience was great and Hope to see everyone on the next Kadayawan sa Davao 2016.

The Untouched Mangrove Lake in Baganga Davao Oriental

When I went to Baganga, Davao Oriental few years back. My heart was captivated by these beautiful Mangrove lake, apart from its size. I was taken aback by the simple living of the local people who live there. When I took this picture, a fisherman was in his boat fishing for a living.

Aside from its simplicity and beauty,  the Mangrove lake is still existed and therefore protected by the towns people.  According to them because they build a habitat for fish and human might as well conserve it and if they don’t they might be gone and lost forever.  So it is better to protect the Mangrove lake for their betterment.

With what I’ve heard, I am happy to see that there are such people who continuously protected nature for their benefits as well.

I hope to be back here and visit this Mangrove lake again.

The Scenic View of Aguakan Cold Spring

Aguakan Cold Spring is one the tourist destination in Maragusan, Compostela Valley Province.

Aguakan Cold Spring is one the tourist destination in Maragusan, Compostela Valley Province. We went there because a friend invited us. We traveled for almost 4 hours from Davao city to Maragusan, the road was very slippery and very muddy. It was such a bumpy ride, however the weather was great and the fresh air was very overwhelming. It welcomes us and the place was very amazing,  nature is indeed fascinating. We also went to the Hot Spring and I forgot the name. lol. I was not able to take pictures also due to very hard rainfall and I hope to see this beautiful place again.

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