Davao’s Best: Durian – The King Fruit

Durian is one of the best fruit I ever tasted. The smell is like hell but it tastes like heaven. Wonder why? It is because of the creamy and very sweet fruit. You will likely hate it for the first time that you taste it but mind you. I am 100% percent sure that you’ll be looking for after afterwards. Lol.

Durian is in season now, a lot of vendors are everywhere you could almost see them from corner to corner and the price of durian right now is as low as 30 pesos per kilo. What a savings eh? If you’re now hypertensive then you can eat as much as you can but for those with high blood pressure and maintenance, well you may have to taste a small bite.

This fruit is an aphrodisiac, if you are a married man. Then tonight is the night! He he. So, if you are here in Davao City grabbed the opportunity of eating a lot of fresh Durian.

Aling Fopings Halo-Halo Atbp in Matina Town Square, Davao City

When Kris RealiTV host Ms. Kris Aquino visited Davao City and featured Aling Fopings Halo-Halo Atbp together with Mayor Rudy Duterte. We noticed the Halo-Halo being served to them and of course the Chili Con Carne where President Noy loves to eat. Since the time it was aired on national TV, we were really curious about it because it will be the first time to try their famous Halo-halo and we really find time to visit it in Matina Town Square. But of course, we were amazed how Matina Town Square has been renovated, transformed into a more classy yet very youthful design and it became a very fantastic place to chill out and unwind and not to forget that its very safe to stay there too.

 photo 2013-06-06073709_zps5c9efd42.jpg

When we got there, we stayed around and look for their kiosk and I told my SIL to order. As you can see in the picture they were other customers waiting for their halo-halo to be ready. But because we’re still new, we had to asked questions and wondered on how to order and hubby came after and brought the selection slip and this is what it looks like.

 photo 2013-06-06073812_zpseb22cd8b.jpg

 Our Selection cost around P105.00 per order

 photo 2013-06-06074202_zpsd1fcdfcf.jpg

This is where our orders being prepared

 photo 2013-06-06075030_zps91452e6c.jpg

The moment we’ve been waiting for, our Special Halo-halo has arrived.

 photo 2013-06-06075043_zpsa24c9e6d.jpg

Before judging the Special Halo-halo, a brief picture-taking!

 photo 2013-06-06075655_zps1adb0144.jpg

This is it! Like most of the Halo-halo, theirs was really good! Creamy and Yummy! If you feel super init and want something to refresh you, try Aling Fopings Halo-Halo Atbp and trust me you will definitely love it, like we do! :)

When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your Education?

“Education is boundless and endless and everyday is a learning process”.

It was long ago that I have graduated from my bachelor degree course and suddenly after almost ten years of working in the corporate world I have decided and went to school the second but this time completely different from the world where I am and I took Teacher Certificate Curriculum for Non Education Profession.

online courses photo: online study free-online-courses.jpg

Image not mine

Currently because of the need to enhance my skill and upgrade my educated I have decided and enrolled in a skills training in TESDA to get a National Certificate II (NCII). This Train the trainer courses enables me to understand fully how a teacher could facilitate learning in a more precise and active manner.

They said that I am always at school but I have my own reasons why I decided to upgrade my skills and I do not owe anyone an explanation. I have all the right to education and this is what I wanted. There are things in life that need to be changed and remember CHANGE is the only permanent in this world. We better upgrade and compliment with change in terms of Education.

online courses photo: Training Traders learn about Forex Market TrainingTraders3_zps41d95b9d.jpg

Image not mine

I say that education is boundless and endless because like what I did. I still go to school and acquired different skills training. Age doesn’t matter at all. I have a senior citizen classmate in TESDA, according to her she need to upgrade her skills in baking because she wanted to make bread and pastry and according she done it for herself and not for anyone.

You see! It’s better to life to go back to school and learn again. It actually refreshes your mind when you acquire new learning’s. Things will become different when you finish the course. Trust me!