On TESDA Training: Bread and Pastry NCII (Hamburger Buns with Recipe)

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Today we were tasked to make Hamburger Buns. This is one of the bread recipe that I am eager to learn since this is the first time I am making it. For a newbie like me, with no baking experience at all. Learning is very fun. Thus, I want to make it as good as possible.

 photo 2013-07-26163726_zpsa5f39f20.jpg

The ingredients:

For Sponge:

800 grams – Hard Flour

440 grams – Water

20 grams – Yeast


200 grams – Bread Flour

100 grams – Lard

60 grams – Milk Powder

120 grams – Water

150 grams – Sugar

10 grams – Salt

2 pieces – Whole Eggs


Mixing Bowl

Dough Cutter

Tin Sheet

Measuring Tools


  1. Sponge: Dissolve yeast in water for 10-15 minutes. Mix ingredients to have a sponge. Ferment for 1 hour or until double in bulk.

  2. Dough: Mix all ingredients into the sponge and develop a dough. Allow the dough to rest for 30-40 minutes. Punch down the dough. Cut into desired shape and size. Round pieces and give an intermediate proofing for 5 mins. Desired weight: Around 20-70 grams.

Car Repair and Maintenance while Travelling

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If you have a car then you are bound to have it check for safety reasons. It is not good to travel to another place when you know that your car has a problem. It is advisable to have a monthly Car Repair and Maintenance while Travelling. We live in the province and Davao City is the place we could to go in terms of repairs and maintenance of the car as well as if we need for car parts replacement.

 photo PhotoGrid_1388369866008_zpsd919c083.jpg

This photo was taken few days ago when we went to Davao City because we experienced a problem with the car battery. As per inquiry, most of the technician said that it is better to have the alternator replaced but mine you. Honda car parts are very experience, so we settled to look for Japanese surplus in Bajada, Davao City and we are so lucky to have the exact parts.

The replacement took almost 4 hours while waiting, hubby told me to go elsewhere so that I will not get bored.  But I said, it is better to stay so that he can have me to talk to and that is why I took this picture. Anyway, when the alternator finally got replaced we went home in Lupon, Davao Oriental. But unfortunately, another problem arises and this time it’s the car air-condition. Oh my!

Travel Essentials for your Chinese New Year Getaway

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Traveling is very fun together with the family most especially when it is done with occasion like the Chinese New Year and other important events. Visiting beautiful places and eating delicious and sumptuous local delicacies is always good to remember.

A good way to document it is by using a good camera. I found this Nikon D5200 24.1MP DSLR w/ 18-105mm VR Lens (Black) available at LAZADA. It has a 24.1 MP lens with high-quality full HD features. Right now, it costs about 41,990 pesos instead of 51,990 pesos. I am really sure that great memories will be stored and captured perfectly using this DLSR Camera.

 photo camera_zps73c376e5.jpg

Another thing to have is a good communication tool. You cannot leave without any cell phone in your hand and I suggest an Apple iPhone 5S 16GB(Silver) with a Multi-touch LED backlit IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen and cost around 34,339.00 pesos instead of 38,413.00 pesos.

I think these are just a few, but ultimately it will bring the best out of your trip anywhere and everywhere. Hopefully, your Chinese New Year getaway will bring good luck, harmony and strong family ties.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!