My First Job as a Sunday High School Teacher

I am quite anxious about how to handle my students by the time I am going to teach. Because it is my first time to teach professionally. I am really thankful to a dear friend and he is Mr. Alvin Ligan for helping me out to land a teaching job in Samson Polytechnic College of Davao, Inc. I am told that the pay is not high, but I did not mind it because all I wanted is to have a professional teaching experience and exposure to the real world.

My first day was kind of shocking because I was not able to prepare myself and for the lesson or how I am going to face my students because I just received a phone call that I am teaching right away. Oh, my! That was my reaction, but part of being a teacher is to face the battle eagerly. So, I went to the school earlier than expected because I want to talk to the school principal and let her give me some information and the things that needed to be done.

I have only two classes, Grade 7 – St. Lorenzo and Grade 8 – Mo. Ignacia students. In my Grade 7 class there were about 20 students, however in my Grade 8 class I have almost 60 students and whoa, that’s a lot! and of course, I nailed the First day of class and so on with the other days of the school year.

I have given several activities and projects to my students. I know this is a fun way of learning the lesson and I just to want bring to best out of their curious minds. These activities and projects will allow the students performed and actively participate during the class discussion and demonstration. My subject which is Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) lets the students actively explore as well as acquire new skills.

These photos corresponds to the various activities that we had:

 photo PhotoGrid_1449793115856_zps8kw5bbtl.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449792660243_zps46ahbf0w.jpg

and these are the projects we had:

 photo PhotoGrid_1449793005814_zps11hrx25y.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449792193497_zpsodyohxuo.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449792518861_zpso7gq3h9w.jpg

But sadly, I was not able to finish the school year with them and leave them because I have more important things to do and of course advance on a more higher level and to a more serious new work venture wherein I am going to face reality and teach more the better. I accept the challenge of being a Teacher 1 at the Department of Education, Mati City Division. I just hope that God will grant me more wisdom and patience to impart my knowledge and skills to my soon to be students.

To all my students in Samson Polytechnic College of Davao, Inc. I will miss all of you. I just hope that you may continue to grow and learn and have a brighter future ahead of you. Good luck to all of you! I love you all.

A Must See Animals at Masao Beach Resort

I wasn’t expecting any animal park in Masao Beach Resort but my husband’s cousin found it and told us about it. At first I was very skeptical because he was just laughing and I can sense that he was joking but I was wrong and I told my husband we should wander the place and to see is to believe of course. So here are the animals that were captured by my camera.

 photo DSC01303_zps7b4fb073.jpg

 photo DSC01304_zps2016ed05.jpg

 photo DSC01305_zps28d2c9cf.jpg

 photo DSC01307_zpsf101be07.jpg

But as you can see the animal’s cages are not that good maybe they are not planning to make an animal park. Their habitat should be according well off as these animals comes from the wild. Though the place has the forest side and there are lots of trees to begin with.

 photo DSC01306_zps5ffddf8c.jpg

Anyway, I forgot to ask the bird’s name because we are in a hurry to go home. Do you happen to know what kind of bird is it that has the red-eye and a very sharp claw? Just leave a comment below so that everyone will be informed.

How to get there: Please see Google Map


  • A – Davao City International Airport
  • B – Masao Beach Resort, Mati City, Davao Oriental

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How to Resize Your Photo

When you take a photo using your smartphone, digital camera, or any other device – it normally saves at a specific size that is based on its resolution. While that is generally optimal for the device in question, there are times that you may need to resize your photo after the fact – either because you need a smaller version, or to create ‘thumbnails’ for a website, or even to save storage space since large photos at high resolutions can take up quite a bit of it. On the flipside, you may even want to make it bigger.


No matter the reason, when you want to resize your photo the first step that you need to take is to figure out how much you want to resize it. While this may appear to be a simple question on the surface, there’s really a bit more to it than that.

Let’s just assume your current photo is of a specific size, such as 200 pixels by 400 pixels. If you wanted to resize it to 100 pixels by 200 pixels – that would be fine, since the dimensions would be in the same ratio. However if you wanted to resize it to 100 pixels by 400 pixels then the ratio would be different and your image would end up being stretched (or conversely compressed) accordingly.

While it is certainly possible to resize your photo to a custom size without preserving the aspect ratio, you need to be aware of the consequences. So when you choose how much you want to resize image, you need to decide whether or not you intend to preserve the aspect ratio, or whether it doesn’t matter to you and you’re willing to accept the fact that your image may look different as a result.

With the help of the Movavi Photo Batch you’ll find that resizing your photos will preserving the aspect ratio is really quite easy, and all you need to do is set the new size as a percentage of the original. On top of that, with its other features you’ll be able to resize multiple images at the same time, adjust the image quality, rotate the photos as required, and even rename the file names or convert the file format. In short, everything you need to resize your photos will be provided – with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it all simple.